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Tastes Like Chicken

by Neal Ward

Tim singing, Ron in background, with Tastes Like Chicken at Halloween Gig

Chicken Halloween 2009

Tastes Like Chicken is proudly known as the “World’s Laziest Rock and Roll Band”. The shows usually come few and far between. Five guys with a serious aversion to picking up and moving the equipment required to be categorized as an Electric Rock band.

Band members include:

Tim Kelly on guitar and vocals
Neal Ward on guitar and vocals
Ron Airey on bass and vocals
John Orlando on keys, sax, and vocals
Derrick Butler on drums

We will be moving the amps and drums into Neal’s studio this week to commence on a new recording project.  New original songs plus maybe I’ll mix some of the remaining live songs still hanging around.

ALSO—–WATCH FOR A SPRING SHOW TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!!   We are working on putting together a Chickenpalooza show for the end of March.


Guitared And Feathered (vol. 1) – Our live recordings of songs from the 2009 McGuire Halloween Party . Volume 2 will follow with more songs from 2009 and some from 2010.

If you have a few minutes check out these audio samples from “Guitared and Feathered” v. 1:
Feelin Alright — “Guitared And Feathered (vol.1)” Feelin Alright — “Guitared And Feathered (vol.1)”
Hot Tubs Of Tears–”Guitared and Feathered (vol1)” Hot Tubs Of Tears — “Guitared And Feathered (vol. 1)”
Unchain My Heart — “Guitared And Feathered (vol.1)” Unchain My Heart — “Guitared And Feathered (vol. 1)”
Only You Know and I Know — “Guitared And Feathered (vol.1)” Only You Know And I Know — “Guitared And Feathered (vol. 1)”
3 Chords and a Yeah Yeah Yeah — “Guitared And Feathered (vol. 1)” 3 Chords And A Yeah Yeah Yeah — “Guitared And Feathered (vol. 1)”

Other “Tastes Like Chicken” releases include:

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner — A studio recording of a couple original songs and favorite covers.
The McGuire Incident — A mix of a few live cuts from the annual McGuire Halloween party and some random original tunes.
Tastes Like Chicken — our debut of all original songs born out of jams in Shane Grant’s garage studio/jam space.

To obtain one or both of these classic albums, contact Neal Ward

Here are some photos of the band in action (click to enlarge images and begin slideshow):